2016 Reflections

Life has been full to overflowing for me these past many months, so much so that it’s left me almost breathless. But with the warmth of Christmas fading and the end of the year staring me hard in the face, I feel the need to make space to catch my breath and recap here some […]

A Whirlwind Trip

I’ve been so busy these past couple of weeks, that the time has just flashed past . . . and once again I am falling behind in my posting here.

~ * ~

DSC 140 – from imagination – graphite in 5.5″ x 8.5″ Stillman & Birn Alphas series sketchbook.


Keeping Up

I’m finding the most difficult part of my Daily Sketch Challenge is not the sketching part, but the actual photographing of the sketches and then making/finding the time to blog about them. The blogging part has always been a challenge for me (as evidenced by the sporadic timing of all my previous posts! LOL), but […]

2015 Reflections

Well it’s been some time since I’ve updated here hasn’t it?! The usual excuses apply, but now that the craze of the holidays is fading and while the end of the year is still a warm memory, I feel the desire to wrap 2015 up in a nice pretty package and kiss it a loving […]

The 1st PAS International Open Juried Exhibition

September has continued to be an unexpectedly busy month for me, so much so that I haven’t found the time until now to sit and write about my experience at the very first Pencil Art Society Open Juried Exhibition. The Exhibition has just closed yesterday (September 21). If you’ve not already done so, I would […]

Festival Fun

I have been crazy busy these past several weeks! As both Secretary and Webmaster for the Pencil Art Society, and with our first live International Open Juried Exhibition coming up at the end of August, I have hardly had a moment to call my own. The moments that I have had for doing my own […]

Spring Has Sprung!

I love winter. Not because I ski or skate or carve ice sculptures. I love it because, for me, it is a restful and most welcome season of recuperation, contemplation, reflection, meditation and hibernation. Usually I watch winter’s retreat with some small measure of melancholy at the corresponding loss of my own inner quiet time, […]

Playing Catch-up

Imagine my embarrassment when another artist asked me last week if I had a blog, and I had to point her here to the neglected home of two lonely little posts written so many months ago that I forgot they even existed! Of course, I have all kinds of legitimate excuses for the dust that’s […]