A Whirlwind Trip

I’ve been so busy these past couple of weeks, that the time has just flashed past . . . and once again I am falling behind in my posting here.

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DSC 140 – from imagination – graphite in 5.5β€³ x 8.5β€³ Stillman & Birn Alphas series sketchbook.


A Milestone!

Yesterday was my 35th wedding anniversary! πŸ™‚ I guess in today’s world, Hubby and I are a bit of a rarity. My best girlfriend (who was also my maid of honour — and has been married as many years as me) teased me about my 35 years of wedded “bliss”! We had a pretty good […]

It's A Wonderful Life!

It’s been another super busy week, but again somehow I’ve managed to keep up with my daily sketching, and am even on time with my Monday blog post for a change! Yay!

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As I mentioned in my last post, I was down to the last two pages of my Strathmore […]

I Love What Is!

Hi again. To those of you who have been following my sketch posts and encouraging me with your comments, either here or on Facebook, thank you!! Knowing that even just a few people actually take the time to read what I write here and/or enjoy my sketches enough to comment is very encouraging to me, […]

Time Flies!

Wow! I really don’t know how time slips away from me like it does! It seems like I just posted yesterday . . . yet here it is, over a week later! So, without any further time wasting, here are my sketches up til last weekend!

I’ve really been in the mood to do faces […]

Spring Is FINALLY In The Air!

At long last Spring has crawled sleepily from hibernation, donned her sunniest frock, smiled with warmth and shone radiantly upon us! Hopefully, she’ll get braver over the next couple of weeks and bless us with more beautifully warm days. πŸ™‚

It’s been so nice outside this past week, that I’ve not been able to force […]

Milestone! 100 Sketches Completed!

During each of the past two years, I managed to complete 80 some sketches each year … but this year, we’re barely a quarter of the way through 2016 and I’ve already completed 100 sketches!! Wow! I must admit, I am pretty happy that I’ve been able to stick with this challenge so far! At […]

It Was Inevitable!

Believe it or not, I am STILL finding / making / stealing the time to sketch every single day….but, as you can see, I have gotten a little behind on posting them here to my blog. Life does tend to happen and often interferes with even my best intentions, so I fell behind. It was […]

Yes, I'm Still Sketching!

Every single day! I can hardly believe it myself! πŸ˜€

I’ve been a bit distracted and busy the last little while with some PAS stuff, so many of my recent sketches are fairly last-minute rough and quick ones. Honestly, there are a few I would not normally show or share publicly because they’re just THAT […]

The End of An Era

An era is defined at Dictionary.com as:

1. a period of time marked by distinctive character, events, etc.: The use of steam for power marked the beginning of an era. 2. the period of time to which anything belongs or is to be assigned: She was born in the era of hansoms and […]