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I’ve started an art blog in the past, but I was never very good about keeping it updated. My biggest excuse is time — there’s simply never enough of it. My other excuse is that I use Facebook. I am fairly active there and often post my drawings and paintings there as I am working on them, so I figure that nobody would be interested in reading about my process twice. But then it occurred to me: although I post my works in progress on Facebook and often give a short description, I rarely fully describe my actual physical process, much less the mental or emotional process I go through while creating. Facebook just doesn’t seem to be the proper venue for that. That is what blogs are for, aren’t they?!

And so, I am hoping that this time will be a charm for me and I will become, if not exactly a reliable blogger, at least a long-term and permanent one and, I sincerely hope, a helpful and interesting one.

Delievery from Curry's Art Store

Goodies from Curry’s

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As winter creeps in and the present year grows old and tired, I am reminded of the Artist Resolutions I have made every New Year since 2010. My resolutions change every year, but the one consistent promise I make to myself every year is to sketch something — anything! — every single day. I have been very lax about keeping this promise to myself this past year, and so, with the intention of better keeping this resolution in 2014, I spent the lovely Curry’s Gift Card that I received for winning 3rd Honourable Mention for Spring’s Sentry in the PAS 2013 Online Exhibition on a lovely supply of paper and sketchbooks!


Sketchbooks and more sketchbooks

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