Broken Promises

I used to feel horribly guilty if I failed to keep a commitment I’d made to myself and sometimes, when I didn’t follow through on one of my “self promises”, I would even shame myself by whispering scornfully inside my head, “How can you expect others to respect you when you don’t even respect yourself […]

The 1st PAS International Open Juried Exhibition

September has continued to be an unexpectedly busy month for me, so much so that I haven’t found the time until now to sit and write about my experience at the very first Pencil Art Society Open Juried Exhibition. The Exhibition has just closed yesterday (September 21). If you’ve not already done so, I would […]

September Sketch Project – Week 1

Well, as it turns out, life didn’t suddenly become as quiet and peaceful as I’d hoped and anticipated it would this past week, and so I just barely managed to squeeze my daily sketches in. And since my weekend thus far has been busy, and most especially since this is supposed to be a FUN, […]

My September Daily Sketch Project

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Example: very quick pen sketch from life.

I’ve had a lot of artistic projects simmering in […]