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I have been really noticing over the past little while how often the word “Gratitude” seems to pop up in my life, to the point that I would have to be blind (or fairly dense! LOL) not to pick up on it! I am a huge believer in synchronicity … I believe that everything happens when it happens for a reason … and so, recently, when an artist friend of mine posted on her Facebook page a Ted Talk by Hailey Bartholomew that was all about gratitude, I sat up and paid attention! I won’t spoil the story for anyone who feels inclined to watch the video (and I really would urge you to do so!), but I will say that her story has inspired me to start my own “365 Days of Gratitude” project, in which I plan to take a daily photograph of something I am grateful for in my life for 365 consecutive days — a full year!!

That’s a big commitment to make, but this is something that I really, really, REALLY want to do, and so I have been thinking about how to best make it work for myself so that I am able to stay committed.

I don’t think that finding things to be grateful for in my life is going to be overly problematic for me, as I have noticed that the more I try to pay attention and raise my awareness about what there is in my life to be thankful about, the more I seem to find to be grateful for! I also don’t think that taking the actual photograph will be too much of a problem, as I take my little point and shoot camera most places with me … and if I don’t have that camera, I almost always have my smartphone (with camera built in) with me.  And so, I don’t foresee collecting these photos on a daily basis  to be a difficulty. However, I would very much like to share them with others, to perhaps inspire others to start their own 365 Days of Gratitude project … so that means finding a fast and convenient way to post my photos online on a regular and preferably daily basis.

And so, I have decided to make a special page on my blog for my 365 Days of Gratitude project and will do my best to post one photo there daily, starting on Oct 13 … because that is Thanksgiving Day here in Canada. I thought it a very auspicious day to start such an ambitious project! LOL

I would like to take this opportunity to invite you to think about starting your own 365 Days of Gratitude project. Even if you don’t keep a blog, you could post your photos to Twitter or Pinterest or Instagram or even to Facebook. Or you could just take the photos for yourself, as a simple but powerful reminder that your life truly is beautiful! 🙂


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