Habit Forming

According to this Huffington Post article, it takes about (or at least) 66 days to form a new habit. Though I can’t say that sketching is a “new” habit for me, sketching every single day without fail certainly is!


DSC 51 – from imagination and my own assorted ref photos – watercolour […]

Keeping Up

I’m finding the most difficult part of my Daily Sketch Challenge is not the sketching part, but the actual photographing of the sketches and then making/finding the time to blog about them. The blogging part has always been a challenge for me (as evidenced by the sporadic timing of all my previous posts! LOL), but […]

More Daily Sketches

It’s been a struggle to keep these daily sketches up this past week, first due to busy-ness and then due to being sick … I seem to have caught the flu 🙁

Though I would probably consider this more a painting than a sketch, I am going to count it as […]

Daily Sketch Challenge Going Strong

Well, I must say, I have sort of really shocked myself by reaching the end of January with not a single day of my Daily Sketch Challenge missed! I’ve even managed to get in a few extra sketches for a total of 34 sketches over the course of 31 days. Admittedly, it’s been quite a […]