Ottawa Urban Sketchers at the Canadian War Museum

We are so fortunate here in Ottawa to have free access to most museums in the area on Thursdays from 5 to 8 pm and so, on Thursday, June 28, I met up with the Ottawa Urban Sketchers at the Canadian War Museum to invade and capture (via sketches) the special Armour exhibition.


Canadian War Museum

I have long been enchanted by the Medieval era, so to have the opportunity to not only view but also sketch so many beautiful samples of armour was very exciting.

Armour parts for a man (click to enlarge).


Armour parts for a horse (click to enlarge).


A small scale jousting diorama.


Display of different types of helmets from various times periods and regions of the medieval world.




~ * ~

We had a fantastic turnout … there were so many people capturing the exhibition in their sketches.






I couldn’t resist this beautiful life size diorama (click to enlarge).


My sketch and model (click to enlarge).


Some of the sketches done by Ottawa Urban Sketchers (click to enlarge)


Ottawa Urban Sketchers – many thanks to Cindi Foreman for the image (about half had unfortunately already left before the group photo).


My completed sketch – done in ink and coloured pencil in a Strathmore tan-toned sketchbook (click to enlarge).

Much thanks to Cindi Foreman and the Ottawa Urban Sketchers for a really enjoyable outing! If you’re in the Ottawa area, I’d highly recommend stopping by the museum to check out this beautiful exhibit!

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