Farewell Flirt

Despite the many wonderful and exciting things I have going on with my art, on the personal front it’s been a very depressing and difficult month. Our little toy poodle, Flirt,  was unexpectedly diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma in her mouth in May. Other than the fleshy lump protruding slightly from under her upper lip, our girl was her usual spunky, energetic, happy, treat-loving self through May and June and into the beginning of July. But about three weeks ago or so, the tumour suddenly began to grow aggressively and really began making its presence felt until, finally, we had to make that decision every pet owner dreads.

We bid a reluctant, heartbroken goodbye to our precious little Flirtsum yesterday and held her as she crossed over the Rainbow Bridge.

Six months old and cute as a button!

I always thought of her as my very own personal joy angel, because she was so very gentle and sweet and always, always made us smile or laugh.

The cat never played with the mouse … but Flirt did!

She loved her treats, and even when there were none in sight (or smell), she would dance and spin in the hope that she could make one magically appear (she usually succeeded).


Just over a year old.

She loved to play hide and seek, “gruffing” and play-bowing at us to chase her when she found us.

Flirt with her friend, Flair.

She loved burrowing under blankets.

She completely appropriated the little Bratz chair we bought for our granddaughter and it became Flirt’s chair.

She was a true sun worshipper and would follow the sun around the house, often lying in the smallest patches of light, where she’d bask in the warmth.

Couldn’t find her one day, til I went upstairs and found her lying in a sun spot.

An elegant little lady she was not. She had bad hair days almost every day!

She loved laying under my chair because the heat vent is under there.

C’mon…chase me!

She loved having her belly rubbed, and would roll over and plead so eloquently when she decided she was overdue for one.

Tummy rub time!

Her very favourite thing in the world though was to fetch her ball. It was something that came naturally to her and we never had to teach her to release the ball. She wanted to chase it again so badly that she happily dropped it into our waiting hands.


Trying to entice me to throw her ball.

But these last several weeks the cancer growing in her upper jaw made picking up her ball impossible.

Look what I’ve got, Mom!

And during this past week, even the pure hamburger we were using to coax her appetite and the treats she loved so much became difficult for her to chew and swallow.

Best dishwasher we ever had!

And finally, in the last couple of days, when it seems she couldn’t see from the eye being pushed out of place by the ugly, fleshy, massive tumour disfiguring her intelligent, sweet little face, we knew it was time to set her free.

The face of pure love.

Our hearts are broken. We expected so many more than the short 11 years we had with her, but we’re so grateful for the time we did have. She will live on in our hearts and we’ll forever cherish all the beautiful memories we have of her.

Her ultra short cut helped us keep her clean and comfortable these past few weeks.

Our deepest appreciation to the staff at the Orleans Veterinary Hospital for their kindness and caring, especially Dr. Mary Kinch and Dr. Kurt Streib.

May there be someone with a never-tiring arm to throw balls for you on the other side of the bridge, Flirt. Thank you for everything you gave and taught us. We love you ❤

~ * ~

July 16, 2007 – July 30, 2018

~ * ~

6 comments to Farewell Flirt

  • Shirley

    Oh Lissa,

    This is a Beautiful Remembrance of such a Sweetheart, your Flirt. I was blessed to know and love her.

    May you feel the Joy in your Heart that Flirt is and always will be.

    Joy and Complete Appreciation,



  • Thank you so so much, Shirley. Every day is a little easier and I still smile when I think of what you said to me, that you see Flirt’s joyful energy gallivanting everywhere.

    Love, Lissa

  • Manon

    Lissa what a beautiful Tribute to your “Little Flirt”. I understand the loss and know how difficult it is for you both. They are so much a part of our family. Unconditional love and bringing a smile to our faces. She was very loved and had an amazing home.

  • Well, that made me cry!! Oh sweet Flirt, I can she was SO loved by you. I am so sorry again for your loss Lissa…no words can help, but knowing you are not alone in your grieve may ease the sting a little bit. It’s always SO difficult for the ones left behind. My heart is with you.♥

    • Aw, thank you so much, dear Kathryn! It’s been very rough emotionally these past few weeks. Just when you think you’re over the worst of it, something touches a nerve and you’re suddenly in a big puddle of tears. I know you know exactly what I mean. I know eventually the grief will ease and we’ll be able to smile at the memories without the tears. ♥♥