Ottawa Plein Air Adventures - August

Wow! August seems to have zipped by in a flash!

Unfortunately, I tend to really wilt in the heat and so, much of my time has been spent inside avoiding the horrendous heat and humidity that has marked this month. Admittedly, it’s also been a rather withdrawn month for me, with a lot of time spent remembering and mourning my little Flirt. Her loss has hit both hubby and I very hard. Actually much harder than we anticipated. The apartment just seems too quiet and empty and we’re feeling somewhat lost without her.  She’s left such a hole in our lives and it’s definitely an ongoing adjustment for us … though it gets a little easier every day.

~ * ~

As it turned out, the Ottawa Plein Air Adventurers had only one outing during August, but it was to one of my very favourite places – Bate Island. And fortunately, the weather was beautiful! Of course, all the usual avian suspects were there: Canada Geese, ducks and gulls … along with several kayakers!

A couple of kayakers braving the rapids (click to enlarge).


Mama Duck with her sweet little babies (click to enlarge).


Ginette painting her view (click to enlarge).


Many of us sought the shade at the edge of the beach (click to enlarge).


Kate snapping photo references (click to enlarge).


Our results, just before we broke for lunch (click to enlarge).

I managed to get in two sketches, both in pencil. The top sketch is of a tree stump, done in graphite and the second is of a duck sunning himself lazily on a rock jutting out of the water near shore.

My sketches (click to enlarge).

~ * ~

Our next outing will be a very special one — to Upper Canada Village in September. I’m keeping everything I have that is crossable, crossed, that we get good weather!

~ * ~

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