2018 Sketch for Survival

Explorers against Extinction is a wildlife conservation campaign whose primary aim is to raise awareness about the very real threats faced by some of the world’s most iconic wildlife species in Africa. Their goal this year is to raise the funds necessary to help establish a new anti-poaching canine unit in the UNESCO World Heritage Garamba National Park, in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 

More than 55 African elephants lose their lives to poachers every single day! Meaning that one of these magnificent animals dies every 26 minutes!!!

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Garamba National Park is one of Africa’s oldest and most biologically significant national parks, but it has been plagued over the past few decades by the challenging combination of strongly armed poachers and various militant groups, sadly resulting in Garamba’s elephants being killed at an alarming rate and experiencing a negative population growth.

To better equip Garamba’s teams to more effectively address these poaching threats, Explorer’s Against Extinction’s goal is to raise $50,000 USD thorough the auction of donated works of art by artists and celebrities,which will allow them to donate an anti-poaching canine unit to the park! The introduction of this anti-poaching dog unit will help protect the wildlife and will offer much needed support to the dedicated and courageous rangers who put their lives on the line every single day to protect Garamba’s wildlife.

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I am so incredibly pleased and proud to have been able to donate my sketch of a white rhino to this amazing project. The sad, almost hopeless expression on this resting white rhino’s face just seemed to personify for me the fearful, uncertain future faced by all animals who are so brutally killed for their body parts!

I hope that those of you who enjoy my art might consider placing a bid on my sketch or on one of the many other beautiful donated pieces of endangered species to help such a critical, worthwhile cause.

White Woe, Sketch For Survival auction lot 259

Besides being available for viewing and bidding online, the Sketches For Survival exhibition will be on tour in England and in New York City from Sept 29 until Nov 25.

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