Upcoming Fall Workshops

I’m so excited to announce that I have published my upcoming fall workshops schedule on my website!

Once again, I’ll be offering my Basics of Shading in Graphite workshop. It is the prerequisite for all my other workshops, as it really does teach the fundamentals of most of what you need to understand to work realistically in graphite. I will offer this course every other month or so over the coming year so that anyone interested in taking my workshops won’t have to wait too long to learn the basics they need to know before taking more advanced classes.

I’ve given a lot of consideration these past few months to what people who are relatively new to pencil might benefit most from learning, and have created two different types of workshops: techniques workshops and finished drawings workshops.

My techniques workshops will teach all the little tips, tricks and techniques that go into drawing specific objects realistically, such as different types of skies, hair/fur, rock/brick, wood grain/tree bark, skin, etc, etc. You won’t leave these workshops with a completed drawing, but you will leave with lots of practice and a very good understanding of what goes into making certain objects that you might commonly want to add into your drawings to make them look more realistic.

My drawing workshops won’t teach you draughtsmanship or drawing (you will trace a line drawing), but you will gain some understanding of how to use various techniques (some of which you may have learned in my techniques workshops) together to create a realistic looking, completed (or nearly so) drawing. I’ve got some really beautiful drawings planned for these classes that will each help teach several different textures and I can’t wait to share them with you!

The tricky part now is for me to make the time to get all these techniques samples and finished drawings done before my workshops start!! LOL

If you’re local to Ottawa, I do hope you’ll treat yourself to a day in my studio to learn the Magic of Pencil with me! 😃

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