Happy Spring!

I know we’re already well into March, but after the extraordinary year that was 2020, I don’t think it would ever be too late during 2021 to wish everyone a Happy New Year!! And, of course, Happy Spring!! It feels especially wonderful this time ’round to welcome a brand new year and season with all their brand new shiny opportunities to get things right! As difficult as 2020 was in so many ways, it was also a very eye-opening year for me, and really got me thinking about what I want from both my artistic life and just life in general.

Garden Visitors

I’ve spent a lot of my time over the past year thinking about where I want to take my art over the coming year and it’s become clear to me that I want to focus on my art as a business in two main areas: teaching and creating work for exhibition.

Sketchy Saturday # 5

When we moved back to the suburbs a couple of years ago, it was so exciting as I finally had my own large studio space to accommodate students, but then 2020 came along and my plans for teaching dissolved before my eyes. I felt at an artistic loss for quite a while last year and, other than a very satisfying sketch practice that I started mid-year, didn’t get much drawing done and wasn’t sure where to go with my desire to teach … until I decided to start teaching online.


That ended up being more than just a bit problematic to implement, as I not only didn’t have a powerful enough computer or a phone that had enough storage, but there was also quite a learning curve involved with all the technology required to present professional quality classes.

Sketchy Saturday # 7

And so, I spent our life savings on a new computer setup (not really … but almost! LOL) powerful enough to edit video, a new phone, some camera gear and started learning everything I could about teaching online. I still have loads to learn but it’s been a really interesting journey and I am very excited about what the future holds for me in this area.

In January this year, I started a free live stream “sketch-along class” on my Instagram channel, partly because I wanted to familiarize myself with how live-streaming works and also because I have really missed teaching and wanted to share my knowledge in that way, and partly because I have really wanted to help others during this most difficult time and I feel that encouraging self care in the form of creativity is one of the best ways I can give to others.

Vantage Point

And so, I have lots of partially formed plans to teach online over the coming year.

The other area I will be focusing on is exhibitions and selling my work in the form of prints … soon!

Sketchy Saturday # 8

And speaking of exhibitions, I have some exciting news to share about that … but I will save it for next time.

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