Upcoming FallWorkshops

I’m so excited to announce that I have published my upcoming fall workshops schedule on my website!

Once again, I’ll be offering my Basics of Shading in Graphite workshop. It is the prerequisite for all my other workshops, as it really does teach the fundamentals of most of what you need to understand […]

Winning Awards ...

… is never the reason I enter an art exhibition! The thought of winning an award is rarely even on my radar when I enter a show. Yet, that is precisely what I did this week. Twice, in fact!

I am delighted to announce that I took home the top Juror’s Choice Award at Arts […]

Open Studios and Sketchcrawls

It’s hard to believe that we are already a full month into the “new” year! I really don’t know where my time disappears to?! Sometimes I am convinced the fairies must be sneaking in and stealing the hours away from me! 😀

I’ve been wanting to sit and write a post about my 2015 “intentions […]

Playing Catch-up

Imagine my embarrassment when another artist asked me last week if I had a blog, and I had to point her here to the neglected home of two lonely little posts written so many months ago that I forgot they even existed! Of course, I have all kinds of legitimate excuses for the dust that’s […]