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My all-time favourite medium is the humble pencil. I love the simplicity of pencil — the control, the cleanliness, the accessibility and the portability of it. My pencil work is very detail-oriented and my drawing style strives toward realism, not in strict imitation of life, but in pliant reflection of it. To portray an illusion of reality to the degree that the viewer is transported into the world I create with my pencils – that is both my aspiration and my challenge as a pencil artist.

Because my style when working with pencil is incredibly time consuming and demands such intense concentration and attention to detail, it can be very wearying, so in 2012, I began to play on canvas with acrylics as a “break” from my more focused and “serious” drawing time.

I very quickly became enchanted by acrylics and, because I wanted to continue working with paint in that “playful” state of mind, I developed a very different approach to my paintings than I had to my drawings. Where my drawing process involves much forethought, many preliminary sketches, lots of reference materials, and long, painstaking, detail-oriented hours carefully placing each pencil mark onto my paper in such a way that my subject matter – most often people or animals in realistic settings – is portrayed as realistically as possible, my approach to painting became deliberately “carefree” and, to a certain extent, spontaneous and intuitive.

When I paint, I open my heart, follow my instincts and listen to the whispers of my intuition. My own spiritual explorations and beliefs inspired me to create and explore a surrealistic, colourful and slightly whimsical world, where a gentle sense of mystery prevails. It is a place where the skies are filled with light even in the deepest night, and the trees express their emotions with the growth of their curly branches and roots, and there is always the feeling that one might be on a wonder-filled adventure of discovery. I think of these mysterious, surrealistic landscapes as metaphor for the very personal, inner, mysterious, spiritual, eternal journeys that we’re all on.


Award-winning artist, Lissa Rachelle has loved to draw for as long as she can remember. Largely self taught, she feels that art is in her blood, as both her grandfather and her father were “closet” artists who enjoyed drawing for their own pleasure. She has very fond memories of spending many a Saturday morning as a young child at the kitchen table with her Dad watching him draw horse after horse for her to trace. By the time she was 8 years old, she’d graduated from tracing to copying and by the age of 12 she was freehand drawing horses and other creatures that she’d conceived in her own imagination.

In July 2012, she helped to co-found the Pencil Art Society, an International, Canadian-registered non-profit organization dedicated to promoting the world-wide recognition of pencil media as fine art. PAS is also committed to contributing to the professional advancement of artists working in pencil and to promoting knowledge, skill and excellence in the use of pencil media. 

Lissa Rachelle began painting with acrylics in 2012 as a playful “break” from her more focused and time-consuming pencil work and has developed a much more surrealistic and intuitive style with her paintings as compared to her detail-oriented realistic pencil style. She has come to so enjoy creating her painted world that her biggest question of the day has now become: “Should I draw today . . . or should I paint? That is the question!”



Pencil Art Society – Co-Founder, Secretary, Web Svcs.
AOE Arts Council
Former Artist Instructor with Paint Nite


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