Farewell 2013

Today is the last day of 2013 and I can’t say that I will be especially sorry to see this year pass away into my life’s history. 2013 was a rather tough year for me and, in a couple of significant respects, was simply not the year I hoped or expected it to be. That’s not to say that there weren’t many personal moments throughout the year that were very happy for me, for there certainly were! A dear artist friend was able to visit me from out of town and stayed for a whole week! My daughter graduated college, found a great job, bought her first car and has a 3 year term boyfriend whom we love! My son and his fiancée are happily learning ballroom dancing together while determinedly saving up for their first house! My adorable granddaughter grew from a sweet little crawler to a precocious, babbling toddler! Hubby finally got the promotion he’s deserved for so long! Lots of special times were spent with family and we had a lot of laughter and very good times with dear friends.

My granddaughter, artist in training

My granddaughter — artist in training

I also had a wonderfully creative and what might even be regarded as “successful” year with my art! I not only had two of my works accepted into the inaugural 2013 PAS Online Internet Exhibition, but Spring’s Sentry won 3rd Honourable Mention! It’s the first International award I’ve won, so I was really thrilled.  I also taught myself to paint and am working on a series of  whimsical landscapes in a fantastical acrylic world. I am very much enjoying exploring this new (to me) medium and more surrealistic style. And then, of course, there is the unexpected and almost overwhelming success we’ve enjoyed with the Pencil Art Society, an incorporated,  non-profit arts organization which I helped to co-found with two good artist friends, and which only launched publicly nine months ago. I am so grateful for and truly humbled by all we have accomplished. It seems that, almost overnight, PAS not only became an internationally known arts society, but also one to be respected and reckoned with – so much so that our blog even won Making A Mark’s Best Art Society Blog Award given annually by Katherine Tyrrell! All of us on the PAS Board have worked incredibly hard and long hours to get the Pencil Art Society to where it is, and I am sure that with our inaugural International Exhibition coming up in Montreal, Quebec in August 2014, we can expect to continue to be insanely busy preparing for that well into the new year.

Spring's Sentry

Spring’s Sentry

However on a more deeply personal note, 2013 held some few unexpected and unwelcome situations for me  My RA has not been especially kind to me this past year and has played havoc on my body and particularly with my left knee — which pretty much put the kibosh on our plans to walk 800 miles across Northern Spain this past September. My meds just are not working so well as they used to and so, my RA has been very difficult to get under control. There have been other personal issues to deal with that, together with my health problems…well, let’s just say that much of it has left me feeling generally rather down and more than a little spent at times. I believe strongly though that every single person we meet in our life crosses our path for a reason…and every situation we find ourselves in is meant to teach us something. When I go through hard times, it’s not always easy for me to remember this and to really feel my true belief, which is that we are here as spiritual beings having a human experience…and that it ALL happens for a reason, and that the reason, ultimately, is for our higher purpose. But these last couple of months, it’s almost as if the Universe itself (or dare I say God?!) has reminded me of this quite frequently and some of the darkness I’ve been feeling for what seems like so long, is lifting and I look forward to 2014 with great anticipation and a renewed joie de vivre :) Happy New Year to us all!

Studio Mascot, Flirt

Studio Mascot, Flirt

Welcome To My Blog

I’ve started an art blog in the past, but I was never very good about keeping it updated. My biggest excuse is time — there’s simply never enough of it. My other excuse is that I use Facebook. I am fairly active there and often post my drawings and paintings there as I am working on them, so I figure that nobody would be interested in reading about my process twice. But then it occurred to me: although I post my works in progress on Facebook and often give a short description, I rarely fully describe my actual physical process, much less the mental or emotional process I go through while creating. Facebook just doesn’t seem to be the proper venue for that. That is what blogs are for, aren’t they?!

And so, I am hoping that this time will be a charm for me and I will become, if not exactly a reliable blogger, at least a long-term and permanent one and, I sincerely hope, a helpful and interesting one.

Delievery from Curry's Art Store

Goodies from Curry’s

As winter creeps in and the present year grows old and tired, I am reminded of the Artist Resolutions I have made every New Year since 2010. My resolutions change every year, but the one consistent promise I make to myself every year is to sketch something — anything! — every single day. I have been very lax about keeping this promise to myself this past year, and so, with the intention of better keeping this resolution in 2014, I spent the lovely Curry’s Gift Card that I received for winning 3rd Honourable Mention for Spring’s Sentry in the PAS 2013 Online Exhibition on a lovely supply of paper and sketchbooks!


Sketchbooks and more sketchbooks