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My chosen medium is the humble pencil. I love the simplicity of pencil, the cleanliness, the accessibility and the portability of it. But mainly, I am passionate about the direct mind to pencil to story to art connection that working in pencil affords me. There are no delays while mixing colours; no pausing to clean brushes; no waiting for paint to dry; no interruptions in the “I think, therefore I create” process. I love that.

I work in a style that strives toward realism, not in strict imitation of life, but in pliant reflection of it.  To portray an illusion of reality to the degree that the viewer is transported into the world I create with my pencils – that is both my aspiration and my challenge as an artist.

Through my art, I like telling “our” stories, and particularly enjoy using elements or themes that relate to relationships, spirituality, nature, myth, fantasy and/or  history in my work in such a way that allows me to describe and explore the connections, journeys, beauty, emotions, strengths, frailties and the very condition of what it means to be human and to experience this gift we call life.

My work is an open invitation to the viewer to pause for a moment and simply enjoy the story I have created, as expressed through my chosen subject. As such, I want my work to not only encourage close inspection and consideration, but to also provoke such thought and arouse such emotion that the viewer feels compelled to step outside themselves and into my drawing, where they are welcome to walk within the world I've created and to live in my story for a brief time. When they are ready to step away, it is my fondest hope that perhaps a small piece of the story I’ve told will have marked their heart and will linger in their memory.


Award-winning artist, Lissa Rachelle has loved to draw for as long as she can remember. Largely self taught, she feels that art is in her blood, as both her grandfather and her father were “closet” artists who enjoyed drawing for their own pleasure. She has very fond memories of spending many a Saturday morning as a young child at the kitchen table with her Dad watching him draw horse after horse for her to trace. By the time she was 8 years old, she’d graduated from tracing to copying and by the age of 12 she was freehand drawing horses and other creatures that she’d conceived in her own imagination.

Lissa Rachelle began painting with acrylics in 2012 as a playful “break” from her more focused and time-consuming pencil work and has developed a much more surrealistic and intuitive style with her paintings as compared to her detail-oriented realistic pencil style.


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