The Magic of Pencil with graphite and coloured pencil artist Lissa Rachelle



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Coloured Pencil on Arches Hotpress Paper
38.25 " x 24.25 " (matted & framed size)

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The Canada Goose is found throughout all of North America, with the exception of the very highest Arctic areas and the extreme southern / hottest parts of the United States and Mexico. If food and open water are available to them, some flocks will overwinter in southern Canada, but typically they migrate to more southern, warmer climes, and can usually be seen flying overhead in migration from September through November.

They fly in a distinctive pattern, where one goose leads the flock in a V shaped formation, most often at an altitude of about 1 km (3,280 feet) … however, Canada Geese have been reported to be seen flying at 9 km (29,000 feet)!

The V formation helps the geese preserve their energy over long distances, as the birds behind the leader benefit from the leader “breaking ground (air?)” so to speak, which permits them to fly longer distances.

The lead position is rotated frequently, since flying in front consumes the most energy. The V also allows for easier coordination and communication of the flock's movements, such as leadership, speed or direction,
allowing any changes to be communicated quickly and efficiently to all geese within the flock. You can often hear them calling to each other while they fly.

Many thanks to Andy Parkinson for the kind permission to use his beautiful photograph as reference.

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