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colored pencil  drawing bear and bee and dandelions.jpg


Coloured Pencil on Drafting Film
31.5 " x 17.5 " (matted and framed size)

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I am so pleased and proud to announce that The UnBearable Joy of Bee-ing has won Best in Show at the annual Arteast Mosaic Juried Exhibition! The three Jurors said some really lovely things about this piece:

Juror 1

The UnBearable Joy of Bee-ing is a joy for your eyes as you soak in its incredible artistry. The textures are beautifully rendered and are balanced between realism and the artist's unique and recognizable artistic expression. What I love is the sense of atmosphere. Depth and perspective are achieved with the artist's attention to detail, while knowingly fading it away into the distance. You can tell the careful thought that worked its way into this delicate piece. The individual layered strokes of fur to show the roundness and weight of the bear, the halos of light around the flowers and tops of the hairs, and the colour choices to compliment all the components of the scene. To me it is a window into a whimsical story and moment. I truly enjoyed exploring and resting my eyes on this work of art!

Juror 2

The execution of this work is extraordinary, from the flowers in the foreground to the fading grass and blue sky in the background. The detail in the bear's fur, as well as the tiny hairs on the bee's torso bring the subjects to life. The drive of the artist to spend hours and hours to complete this work is evident from the title: To bring humour and joy, to soothe and distract from a world that is far less idyllic and to remind us of the bliss that lies in nature.

Juror 3

This artwork is flawless in technique and mesmerizing in its mood. The artist demonstrates a high level of talent in the way they have captured light, contrasting textures and defining focal points. It is truly a remarkable piece of work.

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